They install a community tank in the Marcano municipality

The first of 42 tanks to be installed in different communities of Nueva Esparta. Photo: Dante Rivas Press

The protector of Nueva Esparta, Dante Rivas and the mayor of the Marcano municipality, Karina Aguilera, inaugurated a community tank with the capacity to store 50 thousand liters of water for the benefit of 84 families residing in the Brisas de Colinas de Punda community in said jurisdiction. .

Rivas specified that this is the first of 42 tanks to be installed in different communities of the state, where water access through pipes is difficult, thanks to a project approved by President Nicolás Maduro.

"This is the first that we deliver to the community, during the month of July we will be installing them in the 11 municipalities to help our people store the vital liquid with the support of the Water for My Community plan," said the island protector.

Rivas also expressed his gratitude to the president of Corpo Nueva Esparta, Jescar Hernández; the director of Services of said institution, Efraín Boadas; to the director of Hidrocaribe, Marcos Abad and to the community that got involved in the work to achieve the objective.

For her part, Mayor Karina Aguilera stressed that this project is a response by the Bolivarian Government to the difficulty that families in this sector have to access the vital liquid due to their territorial condition. He also highlighted the work of community leaders and street bosses in conjunction with the government to make the work a reality.



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