They install a pumping line in Tulé to improve water supply

The governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto, announced the installation of the fourth pumping line in Tulé, a task that allows the supply of 2 liters of water per second at the Alonso de Ojeda Plant "Plant C" to start pumping in the area. organization of the entity specifically in nine parishes in the southern part of Maracaibo and some sectors of San Francisco, as reported in its program "Omar a la 800". 

For his part, the president of Hidrolago, Jorge Silva indicated that the turbidity will continue to decrease and to accelerate the purity of the water, two more settlers will be placed in Plant C in order to distribute an additional 2 liters per second. 


Among other announcements, the regional president said that in the municipalities Baralt and Rodríguez, a special anticovid vaccination plan will be deployed as well as investigations to attract infected people and in this way cut the chain of contagion, since in these localities the cases have increased. 

Prieto Fernández, indicated that the modality of summoning the population to be vaccinated was approved, by the mayors of municipalities such as Jesús María Semprúm and Guajira, still without receiving the summons through the Patria Platform and subsequently making the respective registration action that will accelerate the immunization process in the region. 

He highlighted that the Carabobo 200 Plan in Zulia has attended 731 cases with an accumulated of 31 people attended in a week, with delivery of dental prostheses, adding to the house-to-house deployment of Zulia Mía in the municipalities of Maracaibo, Baralt and Rosario de Perijá with 333 thousand 5 families.



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