They grant credits to 214 fishermen in the state of Nueva Esparta

Photo: @DanteRivasQ

In Nueva Esparta state, 214 fishermen - grouped in the 50 Conppas of the entity - received from the protector Dante Rivas and the regional Fisheries General Staff: 29 outboard motors, 4.000 liters of lubricants, 15 sardine nets and fuel for promote this important productive sector.

The activity took place in Playa Valdés, Mariño municipality, and Vice Admiral José Fleitas, commander of the ZODI; the coordinator of the General Staff of Fisheries, Kendy Graterol; the Bolivarian mayors, the ruling judge Mirna Yépez and Luisa Rodríguez, deputy and coordinator of the We Are Venezuela Movement, along with fishermen from different island municipalities.

“This is an act that enhances the productive work of the fisherman, that motivates production and strengthens the sector for the benefit of seafarers, their families and the entire Venezuelan people, which guarantees food security. We are fulfilling the fishermen and also our president Nicolás Maduro, who has entrusted us to assume together this great task of protecting our people, ”said Rivas.

He said that the delivery is made through financing through the Fishermen and Aquaculture Provider of Corpo Nueva Esparta.

“We are delivering the inputs at cost prices, paid in parts and even with fish, without interest, so that everyone can fish and produce, distribute more proteins for our families. This is the work of the brave, of warriors and today we reiterate that they always count on us, ”he said.

Fishermen benefited

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the team of the General Staff of Fisheries and the Protectorate. This is a joyous day. Thank God and you are receiving engines, nets, lubricants. All this will be put in the hands of us fishermen who need it to produce ”, commented Guadalupe Melchor, Conppa spokesperson in Tubores.

For his part, John Vargas, beneficiary of the Gómez municipality, ratified the producers' commitment to increase and even double production this year thanks to this achievement.

“It is something wonderful that fills us with emotion and motivates us to continue working with integrity. I am very proud to have been benefited with an engine and I ask God for health and strength to continue producing every day to bring more protein. President Maduro, protector Dante, always count on the fishermen, with these inputs we will be the livelihood of our families and the people of Nueva Esparta, "he said.



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