They give credits to merchants from Tovar in Mérida

The day also featured delivery of points of sale to provide tools that facilitate monetary exchange.

The Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo gave 34 financial loans to merchants in the Tovar de Mérida municipality, an area affected by the rains, last August.

Simón Zerpa, president of the Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo, stressed that merchants were also provided with points of sale during the day. In addition, the start of financial operations is projected with a new headquarters of this banking entity, in said jurisdiction.

He said that it is important to provide a service to the entire population, including grandparents, young people and merchants. Therefore, a banking plan was started that includes delivery of debit cards, updating of accounts, among other operations.

The deputy and protector of the state, Jehyson Guzmán, stressed that these financing called Esperanza Credits contribute to the economic activation of this sector. "The friendly hand of the Bolivarian Revolution is present at this time," he said.

Eduardo Arocha, beneficiary, thanked the national government and authorities present for the financing, and called on local merchants to be patient because this is the first day of loan delivery. 

"Together we will get out of this emergency situation to make way for a productive economy, the material recovers, we accompany the people who lost a loved one", reflected Arocha.



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