Pirate drivers are evicted adjacent to the Puerto la Cruz terminal

At least 16 drivers of pirate routes were evicted from Juncal, Esperanza, Democracia and Concordia streets, adjacent to the Puerto la Cruz passenger land terminal, Sotillo municipality of Anzoátegui state.

The drivers offered transfers to the city of Caracas, Valencia and Maracay in five-seat vehicles, taking advantage of the fact that the terminal is closed by instructions from the Ministry of Transport, in the third consecutive week of radical quarantine.

Eliacci García, municipal director of transport and administrator of the terminal, reported that they remain deployed to prevent illegal carriers from making intercity transfers.

Drive disinfection continues

The official reported that they continue to disinfect public transport units throughout the municipality, as part of the second phase of the prevention and disinfection plan to stop COVID-19 infections in the entity.

About 300 buses, vans and carts for positions that provide service in the northern part of the state are cleaned daily in the three points that are active in Bella Vista, Stadium and Municipal streets of Puerto La Cruz.

He added that they also monitor compliance with biosecurity measures, especially the use of masks and physical distancing within each transport unit.



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