They enable second Maracaibo bus route with automated passage

The 8 units of Route 2 will circulate between 6 in the morning and 8 at night.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, activated route 2, which becomes the second to operate with the electronic card ticket collection system, with a route that starts from the Antonio José de Sucre distributor, Los Patrulleros sector of the parish Francisco Eugenio Bustamante, to the center of the city.  

Casanova said: "we deserve a life, transportation and decent quality public services." 

The 8 units of Route 2 will circulate between 6 in the morning and 8 at night, with a 10-minute interval, to complete the hour and a half journey. In this regard, the mayor emphasized that he seeks to assure the maracaibero that he will have transportation until night hours, with a view to extending it until 11 at night. 

He stressed that, like Route 8 that became operational in January, Route 2 has an automated system for the collection of electronic tickets. Users only require their rechargeable and prepaid card at the Bus Maracaibo sales and recharge ticket offices.

In addition to the points already installed, new lockers were activated at La Social pharmacy, Los Patrulleros sector; the RD Multienda sector Los Modines and the Ranfer supermarket, La Rotaria sector; next to the mobile lockers in the Las Aliadas pharmacy of the Cuatricentenario Hospital and the Cuatricentenario Police Module. The av. Ticket offices will be available soon. Delights with 5 de Julio, av. Bella Vista with 5 de Julio, Farma Aliada on av. La Limpia, CC Colibrí; and at the Paga Poco supermarket, Los Plataneros sector.

Cesar Garrido, general director of the Maracaibo Mayor's Office, thanked Mayor Willy Casanova for his commitment to the people and the city, said: the integral vision of the city that is reborn thanks to the management carried out by Willy Casanova, together with the directors and councilors of the municipality ”.

Present at the activity were the president of the Municipal Institute of Collective and Urban Transport (Imtcuma), Hilda Meleán; the president of the Municipal Council, José Sierra, and the general director of Public Services, Roberto Rojas, along with other municipal authorities. 



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