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They distributed gifts in Lara, Mérida and Anzoátegui

This Sunday, December 26, the boys and girls of the states of Lara, Mérida and Anzoátegui received their gifts for Christmas from the national government and local authorities, as part of the Happy Christmas plan for the delivery of toys estimated by the Executive throughout the country. .

In Lara state, children, users of radio stations 89.1 FM and 107.5 FM, located in Lara state, received their toys from the state's governor, Adolfo Pereira, who reported that since December 19 to the entity 475 thousand units of toys to be distributed in the different communities and specified that there were toys for children up to 12 years of age.

The regional president explained that as part of the gift delivery plan, more than 100 toys were delivered to each of the entity's stations, adding that the government team and the mayors of the nine municipalities were also deployed "bringing happiness to the smallest of the house ”.

More than 100 toys were delivered to each of the stations.

In the radio station, the favored children participated through text messaging and telephone calls that their representatives made to be assigned a gift for this Christmas, which they collected after their call at the headquarters of the radio station.

Likewise, listeners wished a happy Christmas in family union and the greatest success to the management of the regional president.

On the other hand, Yorky Peña, political spokesperson for the “El Despertar del Pueblo” Commune, reported the delivery of 224 toys to the same number of children from the “Cleofe Andrade” community within the El Despertar del Pueblo Communal Council.

Peña reported that since the morning of December 25 they prepared dances, games and the delivery of cotillions, in addition to the surprise that a neighbor dressed as "San Nicolás", was giving each child his gift arranged by the Bolivarian Government in that community .

475 thousand units of toys for all the boys and girls arrived at the entity.

Gifts are given to child patients of the University of Los Andes

The national government brought Christmas Eve gifts to all child patients who receive care at the Autonomous Institute Hospital Universitario de Los Andes (Iahula), a regional reference care center, located in the capital of the state of Mérida.

It has been "an activity full of joy where the protagonists were children hospitalized in the Iahula", highlighted the Central Information Office (OCI) of the Government, reports the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

In this sense, it is highlighted that on Christmas Eve 2021 the child patients of the health center were given a Christmas present, sent by the Government, to ensure that the holiday season includes all children, wherever they are.

Yeimy Gutiérrez, a member of the Government's social work team, explained that this event included cultural and recreational activities, in which clowns and young re-enactors took part.

Workers and spokespersons from the Fundación Regional Niño Simón also participated in the approach, to provide care to infants who are inmates in different spaces of the health center, specifically on floors seven and eight, as well as in the pediatric emergency area.

These areas include surgery, trauma, hematology, and oncology; emergence and triage, among others.

Gutiérrez highlighted that Governor Jehyson Guzmán maintains permanent observation of the policies instructed by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, for full compliance and maximum social reach of them in the state of Mérida.

In the 2021 December season, more than 161.000 Christmas toys are being distributed in more than 2.200 communities in Mérida, work that is carried out with the support of the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap) and the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh), among other instances of the organized people.

In Anzoátegui they distribute more than 400 thousand toys in the 21 municipalities

The governor of the Anzoátegui state, Luis Marcano reported that "for a happy Christmas for our girls and boys" more than 400 thousand toys are distributed free of charge in the 21 municipalities.

Marcano stressed that the delivery of the gifts, sent by President Nicolás Maduro, is made in all sectors of the state with the support of popular power.

The first regional president also delivered the gifts to more than 3 children of the government workers, in the 18 internal directorates and the 28 decentralized entities attached and their decentralized entities.

"Basketballs, dolls, kitchens, legos, board games, trolleys among other items are part of what the smallest of the house received for their entertainment", Marcano spread.

The governor explained that the distribution of the gifts was also carried out in health centers, such as the Rafael Tobías Guevara pediatric hospital and the Ivss Domingo Guzmán Lander, located in Barcelona, ​​and shelters.

Accompanied by the first combatant, Macia Moreno and the head of the social management cabinet, Mirlian Rodríguez, the regional president participated in a sharing with the health personnel who make life in the child care annex, from where he stated that «(...) We have brought joy to our girls, to our boys in Barcelona, ​​to accompany the families that are going through difficulties today.

Toys were delivered to the Rafael Tobías Guevara pediatric hospital and to the Ivss Domingo Guzmán Lander hospital.

With information from the correspondents: Carmen Luzardo and Vivian Ariza.