They distribute alcohol and masks in Naguanagua

They donated 500 liters of alcohol, disinfectant, chlorine, liquid soap and surgical masks

The Municipal Chamber and Mayor's Office of Naguanagua distributed cleaning supplies, alcohol and masks in health centers and supermarkets in the municipality this Friday, as part of a Covid-19 prevention campaign that is being developed at the regional level.

Ana Ramírez, president of the permanent commission for Family Peace and Welfare of the Naguanagua Municipal Council, reported that they donated 500 liters of alcohol, disinfectant, chlorine and liquid soap, as well as a large number of surgical masks.

He indicated that the favored health centers are the CDI La Begoña, Miguel Franco Outpatient Hospital, Dr. Ángel Larralde Hospital, Oncology Nursing, Dr Luis Guada Lacau Outpatient Clinic and offices in Paramacay and Brisas de Carabobo.

"This donation aims to supply these prioritized places with hygiene and cleaning products to combat the spread of Covid-19," he added.

Ramírez also assured that bottles of alcohol and masks were distributed in supermarket queues, in order to promote citizen awareness.

The official affirmed that these actions will be carried out in the coming days in the sentinel centers and prioritized establishments of the municipality.



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