They deploy special plan against Covid-19 in Nueva Esparta

Photo: Dante Rivas Press

The protector of Nueva Esparta, Dante Rivas, together with the Bolivarian mayors, the General Health Staff, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the Citizen Security Organs, began the special deployment of the different institutions of the Bolivarian Government that will be in charge of fighting against the virus in the state from different fronts.

Rivas explained that the entire Health General Staff, led by Maira Velásquez, doctors, the ASICs and Barrio Adentro, are going to strengthen house-to-house screening, isolate positive cases and apply medical treatment to those who require it. In the same way, the popular clinics and respiratory triages were equipped so that any patient who presents symptoms can go, be cared for and withdraw their treatment.

Likewise, they decided to increase disinfection operations with sodium hypochlorite in the busiest public spaces and in transport units, with Civil Protection teams and VEN 911.

“The community prevention brigades, street bosses, community leaders and VEN 911 will be deployed with an information and awareness campaign in communities and public spaces calling for compliance with biosecurity measures, the correct use of mask, frequent hand washing, healthy distancing and staying home, if it is not necessary to go out, during the weeks of quarantine, "he said.

On the other hand, he mentioned that the Municipal Health Staffs - headed by the mayors, protectors and their work groups - together with the health teams, will be monitoring, controlling and monitoring compliance with the regulations, the cases registered in each jurisdiction and delivery of medical treatments.

In the same way, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the different state security bodies will be guaranteeing throughout the island territory, and the peace quadrants, compliance with the measures adopted and protecting the population.

The protector also said that the sentinel and health centers are operational, equipped, prepared and with enough beds to care for Covid patients who present themselves and require treatment. He said that they have a 50% occupancy and that in the next few days they hope to expand operating capacity in case the number of cases rises.

Restricted service stations

On the other hand, the Fuel General Staff issued a statement informing the population that during the two weeks of radical quarantine, only the service stations that supply the sectors prioritized by license plate number will be active. This in order to comply with the radical quarantine decree issued by President Nicolás Maduro.

For this purpose, only the Los Robles stations are operational for the health, pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors; The Charm for service institutions; The Date for cargo transportation; San Antonio, public transportation; Emeral for taxi drivers and Guatamare for the security forces.

Restricted access

Access to the Insular entity was restricted both by air and by sea. Only vehicles for loading basic necessities such as food, medicine, raw materials and others can enter, only the driver and the assistant must be there.

People who present an emergency and require to leave or enter the island must process a safe conduct before the command of the Comprehensive Maritime and Insular Defense Region, presenting proof of covid19 to travel by sea.



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