They deliver technical aids and medical supplies to Tachirean police

Comprehensive care was provided to members of the security forces of the state of Táchira

The protector and deputy to the National Assembly Freddy Bernal said that in order to demand the human being must be dignified and "this is precisely what we are doing by delivering technical aids to the Politachira state police officers."

At the event, Commissioner Wilman Rivera Torres, director of Politachira, Marilin Vera, coordinator of the Mission Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, the Psuv bureau and other authorities were present.

Bernal stressed that “this act is an act of love, and that love was taught to me by our Commander Hugo Chávez Frías. The first thing to attend to is the human part, where do they sleep? In what condition are the Command areas? Because to demand we must first dignify ”.

With the delivery, 17 people benefited, of which 14 are Policitachira Officials, among the donations include: 08 Standard Wheelchairs, 02 Axillary Crutch Pairs, 03 4-Pointed Cane, 01 1-Pointed Cane, 02 Canadian Crutches Pairs and 02 Postural Wheel Chairs.

Bernal said that the delivery was framed in the 13th anniversary of the José Gregorio Hernández mission and the care plan for the victims of the economic war.



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