Machinery for the recovery of Campo de Carabobo delivered

The Minister of Public Works, Raúl Paredes, delivered construction machinery to the commissions that work on the recovery of more than 30 places in Campo de Carabobo, within the framework of the rehabilitation of the historic site 200 years after the emblematic battle. 

During an operational meeting, the official reported that the crew includes around 15 vehicles, including concrete plants, mortar, tracks and special equipment. 

In the same way, he pointed out that just five months after the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the independence struggle, it is expected to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“A multidisciplinary team made up of men and women from all over the country, has addressed the improvements of Campo de Carabobo, preparing us for that glorious date. In this dynamic, there is all the equipment, machinery and logistics deployment to do an excellent job. This team is permanently hosted in Carabobo ”, he said. 

Paredes also recalled that among the emblematic works to be recovered is the Altar of the Nation, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Arc de Triomphe, the Viewpoint, the Monumental Walk, among others. 

He specified that along with these works, improvements will be made to sites of historical interest for the Libertador municipality, located in the vicinity of Campo de Carabobo. 

Among the places that will possibly be intervened are the monolith that marks the point where Ambrosio Plaza died and the Campo de Carabobo Educational Unit. 

"For this selection it is necessary the inclusion of organized popular power, guarantors of the permanence of these works," he said. He recalled that these actions are carried out jointly between the national government and the regional government, headed by Rafael Lacava, as the Sole Authority for the Campo de Carabobo. 

During the visit, the head of Public Works led an operational meeting with all the personnel involved in the improvements of the Immortal Campo, where he emphasized the need to know the progress of each work in real time. 

In addition, the Secretary General of the Government, Jesús París; the mayor of the Libertador municipality, Juan Perozo; the commander of the Zodi Carabobo, Vice Admiral William Bernardo Wesslosssky; the state coordinator of Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor in the entity, Yulimar Castillo and representatives of the National Institute of Tourism (Inatur), among others.