They decreed three days of mourning for the death of Enriquito Colmenárez

Rafael Enrique Colmenárez Cañizalez, a member of the 2017 National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, died this Friday, April 3.

It was learned that the national constituent for the peasant sector, better known in the Venezuelan coffee union as "Enriquito", lost the battle against covid-19.

Before his physical departure, the Mayor of the Municipality Andrés Eloy Blanco (Sanare), Dilia Mendoza Guédez - through the publication of a Resolution - declared three days of mourning in her locality, considering that in life, Colmenárez worked tirelessly to defend the rights of the coffee growers and agricultural communities of Venezuela.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) from Sanare, published a notice on social networks spreading words of solidarity to family and friends.

The same words of esteem and consideration were also made public by the Mayor of the Palavecino Municipality, Mirna Víes de Álvarez, who in her message prayed for strength before God for her family and friends.

While his constituent colleague and current deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Blanca Romero, highlighted him as “a comrade combatant all his life for the rights of the peasants of the Homeland”, for which he communicated his heartfelt condolences to his daughter Daisy Colmenárez and his wife Mercedes de Colmenárez

On the other hand, the state office of the PP Ministry for Productive Agriculture and Lands, headed by Juan Alirio Villarroel, expressed its regret for what is seizing the coffee and peasant family of Lara state.



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