They consult the Law of Communal Cities in Maracaibo

The deployment has been carried out in the 18 parishes of the Maracaibo municipality.

With a deployment in the 18 parishes of the Maracaibo municipality, the consultation of the Law of Communal Cities is carried out, in order to listen to the proposals of the different communities of the entity and thus take them to the instance of the National Assembly.

Deputies from the National Assembly, regional parliamentarians, councilors and councilors, the Community Parliament, among others, participate in each meeting.

Jessy Gascón, general director of the popular government system of the Maracaibo Mayor's Office, stated that “communal cities are a clear exercise for the people of a new form of state, generating instances of popular power, and thus initiating the displacement of representativeness ”.

Gascón stressed that this law will allow the deepening of democracy, as a new form of aggregation, where communal cities have a purpose of self-sustainability, have a productive area, processing, industrialization, internal coexistence and access to resources or resources. primary services, "that communal cities are seen as integral territories for the development of life," emphasized Gascón.

He highlighted the work carried out in the Santa Rosa de Agua and Panamericano community in the Maracaibo municipality. "These communities have become models of self-management as a result of the work to clean up common areas and rehabilitate roads, infrastructure and public lighting," said the director of the Popular Government System.

He also added: "citizens must assume a leading role in the community model, they must prepare to provide effective solutions to problems, to continue advancing in the process of transformation of the city."

For her part, Nayarit Linares, deputy of the National Assembly and member of the permanent commune development commission, reported that they have carried out several consultations, involving 132 communes, 26 social movements, with 3.800 participants in different activities.

Linares indicated that so far they have installed 14 municipal teams of the 21 in the state.



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