They prepare priority areas in two hospitals in Monagas

The Government of Monagas began the rehabilitation of priority areas in two health centers, mainly conditioning the operating rooms of the “Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar ”from Maturín and the Hospital Type I“ Dra. Ana Torrealba ”of the Libertador municipality.

Lauribeth Navas, president of the Institute of Infrastructure, Ecosocialism, Habitat and Housing of the Monagas state (InfraMonagas), specified that the crews of workers from the regional Executive are working on the adaptation of the central operating rooms of the main health center of the Monagas entity.

Similarly, he indicated that they carry out work in various areas of Núñez Tovar, including the Trauma Shock Unit, where 30-ton air conditioning units are installed. He noted that upon completion of these works, they will recover the other two operating rooms in the emergency area, in such a way that these spaces can be enabled to meet this year's surgical goals. 

Navas stressed that in the midst of the pandemic and economic limitations, last year more than 26 hospital infrastructures were rehabilitated. 

He explained that "in 2020 we were together with the doctors fighting to face covid-19, launching the plan to improve health infrastructures to guarantee timely care for infected patients." 

Attention and provision 

The president of InfraMonagas stressed that in the “Ana Torrealba” hospital in the town of Temblador, Libertador municipality, the regional government fully rehabilitates the operating rooms, the delivery room, the adult and pediatric observation area.

He also assured that the area of ​​medical consultations intervenes and that each of the services is equipped with advanced medical equipment, through the investment of the regional Executive, and the Ministry of Popular Power for Health.