They carry out a day of social care in communities of Sur del Lago

Inhabitants of the South of the Lake received technical aids.

The Government of Zulia and the Mayor's Office of the Colón municipality carried out a display of social assistance, with the aim of holding workshops in vulnerable sectors in the southern axis of the Lake; which is planned to be carried out permanently. 

Jesica Lucena, the first combatant in the state of Zulia, inspected a care room of the Humanized Childbirth program, where she delivered medical equipment, including a delivery bed, air conditioners to optimize the air conditioning system of the space and guarantee quality care to the pregnant women in the area. 

Lucena also made social visits to the homes of families with a high degree of vulnerability that live in the city of Santa Bárbara. Combos of food, toys and shoes were delivered to the children of each house visited, while to people with orthopedic conditions or in a situation bed, they were given wheelchairs, canes, crutches and anti-bedsore mattresses.

He also integrated them into the care projects that are channeled through the communication platform "Omar at 7". 

Lucena stressed that this approach will be carried out periodically to strengthen social management in the southern area of ​​the Lake and articulate strategies with the Mayor's Office of the Colón municipality to strengthen the care of vulnerable families. 

In the tour of the sectors, the mayor of the municipality of Colón, Blagdimir Labrador, Mary Hurtado, director of social affairs, medical personnel, among others, were present. 



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