Woman wanted for kidnapping arrested in Guacara

The lady was identified as Ilse Joanna Verenzuela Arocha

The Guacara Police detained a woman requested for kidnapping in a health center, after giving her a loud voice for not wearing a mask in the hospital.

This was reported by Raúl Ramírez, general commissioner of the local security body, who explained that the arrest occurred in the Casco Central sector of Guacara and after being transferred to the command to give him a talk about compliance with biosecurity measures, it was found that he was requested.

“While the citizen was receiving the aforementioned educational talk by the official in charge, after a brief wait before the Integrated Police Information System (Siipol), she found that the woman had been requested since January 25, 2013 for the crime of kidnapping to exchange people, so once the alert was activated, the officers captured him during the talk, ”explained Ramírez.

The official said that the lady was identified as Ilse Joanna Verenzuela Arocha, 34 years old. The case was referred to the 1st Prosecutor's Office of the Public Ministry to follow the corresponding investigations.



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