They agree to improve domestic gas distribution in Yaracuy

The state company Gas Comunal, the Government of Yaracuy and the private distributor Gas Chiarini signed an agreement that will seek to streamline operations and reduce the lapses of distribution and delivery of gas for domestic use in the 14 municipalities of the entity.

The Secretary General of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba, reported this Friday that in the future planning will be coordinated with Gas Chiarini and Gas Comunal to shorten care cycles and thus each family throughout the state has their gas cylinders in a timely manner to satisfy your needs.

He stressed that more effective care mechanisms will be established to improve assistance to communities. In this sense, he announced that currently the gas supply is made from El Cardón, Falcón state, but in the coming days it will be done from Puerto Cabello, in Carabobo, which will reduce distances and, consequently, dispatch times.

The official commented that the agreements seek to progressively improve the service so that approximately two months
regularize more stable and timely care cycles for the entire population.

The plan is to bring the frequency in the distribution of cylinders to the following scheme: 10 kg cylinders every 21 to 30 days, the 18 kg cylinder every month and a half and the 43 kg cylinder every three months, so that users have stability in the service.

In order to achieve this, logistical support will be offered to the distribution units of both Gas Comunal and Gas Chiariní and a greater and more timely distribution of gas, which was coordinated with the central level of Gas Comunal so that from now on this aspect is improved in the region.

Torrealba recalled that Gas Charini serves some 50.000 users in 600 communities in the state, so that with the established alliance, the service in the corresponding sectors will be substantially improved.

He indicated that the representatives of Gas Chiarini will work together with the Government and Gas Comunal to adapt to the plan and, thus, reach their customers more effectively.



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