Three points agreed for the progressive opening of the border with Colombia

The Táchira-Norte de Santander Cross-Border Group agreed on three points for the reopening of the border crossings and strengthening the economic reactivation, after the meeting held at the San Antonio Customs between the authorities of Norte de Santander and Venezuela.

The meeting was headed by Deputy Freddy Bernal, and the Secretary of Borders and International Cooperation of Norte de Santander, Víctor Bautista.

They agreed that for the reestablishment of the bioseguro cross-border student corridor, progress will be made in the vaccination of students and for this they will establish three vaccination points in the customs corridors of Boca de Grita, San Antonio and Ureña.

The passage of 371 children who must take the state test this weekend will be allowed in the educational institutions of Norte de Santander.

A second agreement is the creation of a working group between Seniat and Dian to reactivate the customs platforms. This group will establish the forms and times of operation according to the provisions of each country.

Regarding migratory mobilization, it will be carried out in accordance with the biosafety, immunization and epidemiological surveillance measures of Táchira and Norte de Santander.

Freddy Bernal indicated that: «today is a historic day for Táchira. With political will, we continue to advance in the steps necessary to open the Colombian-Venezuelan border and that indeed that desire of all Tachirenses can soon become a reality.

He pointed out that it is the first formal meeting between the authorities of both countries to agree on a proposal for the progressive and controlled opening of the border.

Víctor Bautista pointed out that: «we hope that with the good dispositions that Freddy Bernal has had and with everything we have done; under legal provisions that Colombia has already carried out and with the principle of respect without interfering in issues that are of another level; we can reach that synchronization of very institutional issues ».

He said that they should make progress on issues that have to do with customs, immigration, social issues, among others, which he considers will bring many blessings "in the short term to all those who live on the border."



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