Humanitarian channel is activated for the return to school in Colombia

As a result of the official meeting between Venezuelan Authorities and the North of Santander Department, the humanitarian channel or passage was approved for more than 800 children and young people from Tachira who are studying on the other side of the border by virtue of the call for face-to-face classes by the New Granada government.

The director of the Táchira Educational Zone Charly Rojas reported that "the deputy to the AN Freddy Bernal has managed to advance systematically and progressively in the passage to students, thus guaranteeing the universal right to education." 

The crossing is made through the Simón Bolívar International Bridge in San Antonio Bolívar municipality and the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge in the Pedro María Ureña municipality, with the respective controls of sanitary and biosafety controls, said Rojas.



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