They activate a new room for covid-19 patient care in Tucupita

At the Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital Complex in Tucupita, the Covid-19 Hospital Situation Room was activated this Wednesday to attend to patients in the process of recovery from the coronavirus and other health emergencies related to permits and safe conducts.

The governor of the Delta Amacuro state, Dra. Lizeta Hernández Abchi, accompanied by Vice Admiral Euclides Brito Rojas, Commander of the Comprehensive Defense Zone (Zodi-61), carried out her customary radio program from the facilities of the new situational room where she stated that this headquarters They will serve the population every day of the week from 6:30 am until there is not a single citizen left on the premises.

"Here is a team ready to provide direct care to the people, mainly those Covid-19 patients discharged, both from the hospital and sentinels, to those who are in the process of recovery, to health emergencies and other pathologies that have complications and need transfers, "said the governor.

Ismel Romero, Attorney General of the Delta Amacuro state, commissioner to coordinate the Covid-19 Hospital Situation Room indicated: “this is the new house in the town where we will attend to the deltans giving them that encouragement that we need in times of pandemic, to positive patients due to coronavirus we will be aware of their recovery process, their treatment, even those who have been discharged we will follow up, here they will also have to process the authorizations of transfers or the safe conducts through a statement of reason, they will find a team ready to help them everybody".

Delivery of technical aids

On the morning of this Wednesday, in the same act of activation of the new situational room, the candidates for the deputation for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) for the state Delta Amacuro began the delivery of 120 technical aids for people with disabilities .

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and other requested requirements were delivered today and other aids are added that will be delivered in stages, in the house-by-house mode, informed Mónica Rodríguez, President of the Sovereign Attention Foundation of the Delta Amacuro State Government .

For her part, Olga Reina, resident of Villa Manamo, received a wheelchair and expressed her gratitude to President Nicolás Maduro: “Thanks to the President to these young candidates, for giving me the opportunity to obtain a new wheelchair that I really needed, we from here we will continue hand in hand fighting for our Delta ”.



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