Rehabilitation of the Pagüey aqueduct in Barinas begins

A contingency plan was activated to guarantee water service to the inhabitants of the Barinitas parish, Bolívar municipality.

Commissions of the Ministry of Public Works, Barrio Nuevo Tricolor and the Government of Barinas begin the repair work of the Pagüey aqueduct, located in the Altamira de Cáceres parish of the Bolívar municipality, which suffered some damage after the heavy rainfall registered in recent days.

Governor Argenis Chávez went to the El Castillo sector on the Barinas-Mérida highway to deliver the necessary material in order to begin the works that will have a maximum duration of three months.

The regional president indicated that the situation that occurred up the mountain in the Peña Colorada sector is being addressed, since as a result of the rains the supply of drinking water to the entire population of the Barinitas parish was affected.

The Barinese executive granted 60 meters of 20-inch steel pipe, 400 meters of guaya, cement, bolts for tying the guayas and tools and stressed that these actions are carried out in a coordinated manner between the regional and national governments to restore service. of drinking water to more than 45 thousand inhabitants of Barinitas.

He highlighted that a contingency plan with tanker trucks was activated to guarantee service to the affected communities.



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