The image of the Nazarene circulated in the west of the country

The departure of the Nazarene took place without the usual procession. Photo: Courtesy of Yaracuy Mayor's Office

This Holy Wednesday, as is tradition, the image of Jesús Nazareno toured the streets and avenues of western Venezuela. However, the covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions dictated by the radical quarantine that the country is experiencing made the devotees not accompany him on his journey and pay him honors from their windows.

In Apure, the people of Achague enjoyed the Nazarene tour

In the afternoon of this Holy Wednesday, the inhabitants of the Achaguas municipality were able to enjoy the journey of their patron saint Nazareno de Achaguas in his float through the main avenues of the city. Between songs, prayers and petitions, they greeted the image of Jesús Nazareno from their homes, complying with the sanitary measures.

It is well known that when this Easter season arrives, a walk by faith that goes from San Fernando to Achaguas is carried out by several parishioners from all over Venezuela, but this year as in the past, it could not be done due to the covid pandemic -19.

The inhabitants of this town thanked all the municipal and ecclesiastical authorities for giving them the opportunity to see their patron saint in the streets of this municipality, while remembering the song dedicated to the saint called "Holy Week in Achaguas": Miraculous patron and well! The one that the llaneros have and loves his people so much that Moreno wanted to be born. "

The Nazareno toured the streets of San Felipe in Yaracuy

This Holy Wednesday the traditional departure of El Nazareno through the city was celebrated in San Felipe, Yaracuy, but this time it was carried out without the usual procession or the massive participation of people who always accompany him, to comply with the restrictions of the radical quarantine strict and prevent the spread of covid-19.

The venerated image of Jesús de Nazaret traveled the main streets and avenues of the city of San Felipe in the back of a truck, accompanied by the parish priest of the church of El Nazareno de San Felipe, Monsignor Guillermo Ramírez, who with the help of a sound equipment sent blessings during their tour.

Photo: Courtesy of Yaracuy Mayor's Office

"This is a deeply rooted tradition in all Yaracuyanos and that is why we are carrying it out in compliance with all biosafety measures to protect us all," said the priest, who said that the Catholic people are united in prayer asking for the prompt disappearance of the coronavirus and the return of normality in the world.

For his part, the mayor of the municipality of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, said that the programmed activities were fully carried out, including the mass broadcast by radio and through the social networks of the Mayor's Office, as well as the departure of the Nazarene image on the way. mobile.

He stressed that the people of San Felipe, as a faithful believer and defender of the most deeply rooted Catholic traditions, knows how to keep them alive over time, even in this atypical situation like the one we live in, “and waited in their homes and observed from doors, windows, sidewalks and even from the store the passing of the image of El Nazareno respecting the biosafety norms ”.

The images of El Nazareno and La Dolorosa traveled the city of Mérida by vehicle

This Holy Wednesday, the images of El Nazareno and the Virgen La Dolorosa traveled in vehicles, the main streets and avenues of the city of Mérida, complying with the biosafety protocols issued by the National Executive to stop the spread of covid-19.

The devotees, from their windows and doors, worshiped El Nazareno in the streets, neighborhoods and urban areas of the city of Mérida. The tour included the surroundings of the Autonomous Institute Hospital Universitario de Los Andes as a symbol of faith.

The Archdiocese of Mérida has worked together with the media, radio and social networks to carry out the broadcasts, live or deferred, of the different religious ceremonies celebrated in Semana Mayor 2021.

With information from the correspondents Ámbar Montilla, Carlos Vielma and Agusmir Guarache



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