Harvest harvest of more than 1.300 hectares of tomatoes begins in Guárico

In the Guárico state, specifically in the Campo Alegre Production Unit in Altagracia de Orituco, José Tadeo Monagas Municipality, the harvest harvest corresponding to the tomato category began with a total of 25 hectares, which are part of the 1.317 that have been cultivated throughout the llanera entity during the 2020-2021 North Summer sowing cycle.

The information was released by the governor of the llanera entity José Vásquez, who pointed out that 366 small producers are involved in this cultivation of the lands within the vegetable line, indicating that the estimate of the final production in the tomato category is positions on the 39.000 million kilos that will be destined to the population and to the agro-industry.

In relation to industrial processing, Vásquez indicated that a certain percentage of this raw material will be destined in this axis of Orituco, to the Altagracia Socialist Agroindustrial Complex (CAISA) in which the processing of tomato paste, tomato sauce is carried out, production that It is positioned over one million sauce containers, in addition to the William Lara Complex in the Julián Mellado municipality where the same processing and packaging is carried out.

"We sow, process and distribute, that is why the issue of primary production is an important value," he said. With this, the Regional Executive made reference to the fact that 33% of the national demand for tomatoes is coming from Guariqueño lands.

In the same productive context, the governor of Guárico reiterated that financing for small farmers has been fundamental for the development of planting, mentioning that in the Francisco de Miranda municipality they are harvesting more than 33 thousand hectares of rice, and in the Mellado municipality more than 1.200 hectares of onion are being harvested, where small producers have been responsible for this achievement.



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