The first pipeline gasification project in Yaracuy advances

The gasification project is a pilot plan for other communities. Photo: courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Independence

The mayor of the Independencia municipality, Yaracuy state, José Mujica reported that the piped gas service was installed in the first 62 houses out of 150 that comprise the gasification project that is being developed in the Recta de Apolonio urbanization.

Mujica said that last week the ignition tests were carried out in the 62 homes and it is estimated that for the next few days the pending work in the remaining 88 will be completed to definitively conclude the project and leave the service installed.

He mentioned that Recta de Apolonio is the pilot community of the gasification plan that the Vice Presidency of Gas of the National Executive, with the support of the Yaracuy government and the Mayor's Office of Independencia, is executing in the state in order to install an effective gas distribution network. by pipeline throughout the region, to directly provide service and reduce dependence on the use of cylinders.

"This gasification project will improve the quality of life of the first 150 families in the municipality and will serve as a guide for the rest of similar work that will be carried out in the rest of the state," Mujica highlighted.