The Orocopiche River overflowed in Bolívar

Heavy rains caused the river to overflow

Manuel Rodríguez, director of Civil Protection in the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, confirmed the overflow of the Orocopiche river, through Troncal 16 between Ciudad Bolívar and towns of the Bolivariano Angostura municipality such as Ciudad Piar and La Paragua, located at the height of the checking point de la Bolivarian National Guard.

Rodríguez also mentioned that in light of this fact, they have not reported affected. For security reasons, the passage is restricted, and they wait for the flow of the river to decrease to assess damage to the infrastructure, Orocopiche bridge.

The elevation of the Orinoco River rose by 10 centimeters for July 4, 2021, according to a Civil Protection report in the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, the level for this Sunday was registered at 14,94 meters above sea level, So far no floods have been reported in Ciudad Bolívar .

Ciudad guayana

In the case of Ciudad Guayana, the latest report issued by Caroní Civil Protection, the Orinoco River had a height of 9, 76 meters, at the height of Palúa and the Caroní of 10, 70 meters, the green alert is maintained.

The heavy rains in Caroní also caused some flooding in several sectors. It was learned of the collapse of a part of the bridge that connects the Puerto Libre sector in Castillito with other communities and the fall of a wall of one of the houses due to the heavy rains.

Before the affected bridge finishes collapsing and leaves at least 150 families cut off. Neighbors of the sector request the presence of the authorities to look for possible solutions.



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