Sputnik V arrived in the regions and new vaccination points open

In Zulia, it is estimated to vaccinate 40 thousand people daily

Sputnik V vaccines have been gradually distributed in all states of the country since its arrival in the country last week. In this way, the long-awaited second dose of the Russian immunizer is now available at various vaccination points in the country.

Likewise, the arrival of Chinese vaccines through Covax promotes the mass vaccination plan coordinated by the national government to achieve the goal of immunizing at least 70% of the population before the end of this year 2021. Therefore, The regional authorities have opened new vaccination centers and progress effectively and safely with the process, towards achieving the much-needed herd immunity

In Portuguesa, the second dose of Sputnik V began to be applied on Tuesday, the first batch of which arrived in the state over the weekend and will be destined for people who have been waiting for the vaccine since the end of May to complete the immunization against the covid.

Rafael Torrealba, Secretary of Government of Portuguesa, reported that the biological is administered in the Miguel Oráa hospitals, in Guanare, and Jesús María Casal Ramos, in Acarigua-Araure, the two large sentinel centers in the region where the first dose of the Russian vaccine.

"Sputnik is coming progressively and people will be called for vaccination, in correspondence with the order in which the first was applied," he explained.

Torrealba pointed out that, simultaneously, in both hospitals the population will continue to be inoculated with Verocell, the Chinese biological.

1.000 doses per center

Due to the fact that the vaccination average in Portuguesa is below the national average, the Secretary of the Government of this state announced that this week the daily availability of doses in the anti-covid vaccination centers increased.

"Since Monday, the 13th, the daily vaccination capacity has increased to 1.000 doses per point," he said.

Torrealba said that Portuguesa has 20 vaccination centers and announced that this Tuesday an itinerant point was activated in Guanare, the state capital, to serve the population that has not applied the first dose of Verocell.

On the inoculation of teachers and other educational workers, he stressed that this week special sessions will be held for personnel at the levels of Initial, Basic and Middle Education, as well as for those assigned to the university level.

In Zulia: towards 40 thousand vaccinated daily

A new vaccination point was installed in the Metrosol shopping center, located on the avenue bypass 2 of Maracaibo, in order to continue extending the Massive Anticovid Vaccination Plan and achieve the goal of 40.000 immunized people daily, reported the governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández.

The regional president indicated that up to now one million 100 thousand people have been vaccinated. 

He indicated that this anticovid vaccination point will have the capacity to serve between 2.500 to 3.000 people per day, from the Maracaibo and San Francisco municipalities. 

Prieto Fernández reiterated that those who received the first dose of Sputnik V before June 7, should go to the second dose at the same place where they received the first and present the control carton and, those who were immunized after that date, should wait the message sent from the Patria platform. 

Dario Portillo, director of Epidemiology for the region, reported that the Verocell Sinopharm and SputnikV vaccines are equally effective and prevent the serious and fatal phase of Covid 19. 

Lismar Rojas, health director of the Maracaibo Mayor's Office, highlighted that in the town, 240.000 locals of the municipality have been vaccinated and that 3.000 people are summoned daily in the Galerías shopping center. 

On the other hand, in the Municipality of Miranda, the massive vaccination plan continues on the Eastern Coast of the Lake. There they have applied 29.840 vaccines of the first dose and 10.460 of the second dose for a total of 40.300 vaccines. 

Jairo Prieto, vaccination coordinator in Miranda, said that everyone should take care of themselves in the same way even if they have the two doses, "with the use of a mask and Biosafety measures, since being immunized does not prevent us from contracting the virus."

New immunization points in Apure

In Apure state, new vaccination points against covid-19 were activated, in places with high traffic that include public and private establishments. This was announced by the regional authorities who reported that in the capital municipality, San Fernando de Apure, they began with the opening of 7 points located in the Humberto Hernández Passenger Terminal, Municipal Market, Galerías Traki Shopping Center, La Algodonera, Farmahospital, Stores El Castillo and at the headquarters of the State Government, ready so that all those people who have not been vaccinated, can access more quickly and thus achieve vaccinate the majority of the population.

The day began on Carabobo Avenue, at the point installed in a recognized private establishment in the capital, headed by Governor Ramón Carrizalez, Mayor Ofelia Padrón, the health authority, María Eugenia Colmenares, the Commander of Zodi 31, G / D Leonardo Bello and the Commander of the GNB zone 35 command, G / B Anderson Rendón.

"This is the plan to accelerate the national vaccination against covid-19, we are at one of the points where there is a large influx of people in order to cover the majority of people and we can meet the goal established for the state, to vaccinate more than 449 thousand people, ”said Governor Carrizalez.

For his part, Major General Leonardo Bello Ortega, Commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone 31 Apure added that "We are deployed in perfect civic-military union, inspecting all mass vaccination points, everyone must be vaccinated, despite the blockade the national government has guaranteed vaccines to protect the people ”, he added.

To end the Single Health Authority, Dr. María Eugenia Colmenares highlighted that “We have already started with the application of the second dose of the Sputnik Vaccine, in a first stage, running out of existence and preparing to receive in the next few days a new batch of the Russian immunizer to continue to comply with immunization.

With information from the correspondents: Kariney Pimentel, Mayerlin González and Ambar Montilla.



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