Soon they will inaugurate the bridge and Villa Heroica avenue in Guatire

They improve lighting and work on the beautification of the road section

An intense work of road improvement and lighting, as well as beautification is carried out on the bridge and Villa Heroica de Guatire avenue, Miranda state, because the opening ceremony is scheduled for Monday, September 20, reported the Director of Right to the City from the mayor's office, Pedro Romero.

He pointed out that the mayor Hugo Martínez and the governor of the entity, Héctor Rodríguez, will lead this activity in which they will change the name of the bridge, which from its Cuatricentenario will become Villa Heroica.

According to tracking Últimas Noticias, this structure collapsed on January 21, 2018 due to erosion caused by the Guaimacuare stream and was recovered by the national, regional and municipal governments, under the coordination of Martínez.

Romero specified that in the reconstruction they used the bridge-box technique with two cells, measuring 16 meters wide and six meters long.

He pointed out that the avenue has a length of 1,2 kilometers where public lighting was improved with the repair of some lights and the replacement of more than 40.

Also, the personnel repair and uncover the sewers that are in that road artery, at the same time that they make cuts in the bearing layer for general patching by emptying more than 100 tons of asphalt.

The official pointed out that they are currently finishing the ornamentation around the bridge, painting walls and creating murals, pruning vegetation and waiting for ornamental plants to add a green touch to the sector.

Villa Heroica avenue begins at the height of Plazas Sucre, adjacent to the passenger terminal and ends in the Terrinca industrial zone and is one of the main exits and entrances to Guatire.

On September 20 of this year, the locals will celebrate the 157th anniversary of the declaration of Guatire as the Heroic Village because the first cry of Federation was given there during the Federal War of Ezequiel Zamora.



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