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Solid waste collection plan begins in Maracaibo

The mayor of the Maracaibo municipality, Rafael Ramírez, began the first phase of the "Maracaibo Without Flies" plan, with a large number of staff, as well as machinery for collecting solid waste. 

He reported that they have 300 manual sweeping workers, more than 80 garbage collector units between compactors, tumblers, minimatics, as well as other machines that will help in specific points of the city.

He said that the first phase is to address the situation of overflowing garbage in any corner of the municipality. “Our position is focused on providing solutions. Collecting garbage attending to the urgent, but without forgetting how important it is to turn garbage into an investment project ”.

Established alliances for the provision of equipment and machinery. «The process is moving forward; We have our own fleet and a motivated staff, we have equipped all employees with the instruments, in compliance with the rules of the Organic Law on Prevention, Conditions and Work Environment so that workers can provide the service, without risking their lives " . 

He indicated that they will continue in the coming days to provide information on the urban cleaning schedule so that each community knows when the truck will pass and that citizens can remove the waste on the day and time corresponding to its collection. 

: »We know that we can work to raise awareness in each of the communities, but that is only achieved when our people know what the collection process will be like. We also ask for collaboration, not to take it from bag to bag, but in a black bag that has more capacity, in order to avoid watering it, that there be collective awareness, "he said.

The first phase has 300 workers equipped with their implements.