Seminarians continue their priestly formation virtually

Photo: Facebook of the Divina Pastora Seminary

This Thursday of Holy Week, April 1, the Priest's Day is celebrated, so the Catholic Church recommends praying the Holy Rosary as a family for the sanctification of those who have been trained as graduates in philosophy and religious theology.

And in times of the pandemic due to covid 19, the project to train young people for priestly life went to virtual education, confirmed in an interview with Últimas Noticias, Father Frank Dorante Boquett, academic vice-rector of Divina Pastora Seminary, located in Barquisimeto (Lara).

Priestly formation is divided into two stages. The first, as a disciple of philosophy and the second known as the configurative, that is, to be configured with Jesus Christ as Priest and Good Shepherd.

Currently, in the disciplinary (philosophical) and configurative (theological) stage of the priestly life there are 54 seminarians. Twenty-eight of them belong to the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto, including those from the diocese of Carora (Lara). The rest come from Acarigua (Portuguesa), San Felipe (Yaracuy) and Puerto Cabello (Carabobo).

"As formators in priestly houses we are with virtual education, (...) with the aim of growing priests for the Church in Venezuela," said Dorante Boquett.

He went on to explain that the training project in the midst of the pandemic forced the first semester of the academic year that began in October 2020 to be virtual.

He said that at the present time they carry out some face-to-face and other virtual subjects. In addition, the young seminarians have the support of a priest from the city close to their homes.

"Between all of us we are living this formative process of closeness and giving the best of ourselves for a good priestly formation, in the midst of this reality of pandemic", reflects the religious teacher as well.

He commented that the seminarians “have undergone sacrifices, but at the same time, great enthusiasm to give their best in their formation process. They fulfill a dynamic of sports, of family, of integration within a great experience of God ”.

In this regard, the interviewee indicated: "More than a university degree, beyond a profession, it is a service of life, of conviction for God, our Church and the people of parishioners."

The projection of the Divina Pastora seminary in Barquisimeto is part of the ecclesiastical province that covers the states of Yaracuy (San Felipe), Portuguesa (Guanare) and Lara, with five dioceses.

At an academic level, the aforementioned seminary in Barquisimeto has an agreement with the Institute of Theology of Religious Education (INTER), located at the Santa Rosa de Lima University in Caracas (Venezuela), from where young seminarians graduate from civil degrees: philosophy or theology.

There is also an ecclesiastical baccalaureate project for specialization studies in centers located in Ibero-American countries or in Italy (Rome), as a permanent training option.



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