Second phase of Sputnik V vaccine placement begins in Yaracuy

This Wednesday, a new batch of Russian Sputnik V vaccines was incorporated into the massive vaccination plan against covid-19 that is being developed in the state of Yaracuy, to serve mainly older adults who had been waiting for the second dose for three months.

The governor, Julio León, reported that this vaccine will be placed in the four immunization centers in which it was initially applied, that is, in the Feliz Pifano regional laboratory, Independencia municipality; in the Cirilo Mendoza de Marín cultural center, San Felipe; Chivacoa House of Culture, Bruzuial municipality; and at the San José de Yaritagua clinic in Peña.

He stressed that older adults are being summoned in groups so that they do not crowd together at the aforementioned vaccination points. This Wednesday more than 1.200 grandparents received their corresponding doses to complete the immunization schedule.

In the first days that took place between the end of March and mid-May, some 70 thousand older adults from the 14 municipalities were vaccinated with Sputnik V, that same number is expected to attend the inoculation points to receive their second dose.

The state president stressed that the rest of the places authorized to vaccinate, strategically distributed in the 14 municipalities, continue to place the Chinese version of Sinopharm to the rest of the population.

He mentioned that about 9 thousand people are immunized daily throughout the state and to date, since the days began on March 29, more than 275 thousand doses have been placed, which has covered more than half of the population that is estimated to be protected.

The plan is to vaccinate about 530 thousand people until the end of October, representing 70% of the general population of the state, to generate a herd immunization effect, or herd immunization, with which it is estimated that the incidence of the illness.



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