Safe and sound passengers from the Guaiquerí ferry arrived in Margarita

Safe and sound, the passengers of the Guaiquerí ferry arrived, from the Naviarca maritime transport company, which ran aground at night this Monday, August 30, arriving at the Punta de Piedras pier, Tubores municipality of Nueva Esparta state, from Cumaná, Sucre state. .

The 113 passengers and 22 vehicles that were on board, had to spend the night on the stranded ferry and it was until the afternoon of this Tuesday, when the company managed to carry out the work of transferring passengers and vehicles to another vessel called Yaguarey, to take them to the dock.

According to information collected on social networks, the situation was generated due to weather conditions and possibly due to contact with sand or stones on the seabed.

Previously, a towing maneuver was attempted with the Caracas and La Restinga ferry but it was unsuccessful and yesterday they managed to transfer the travelers and their vehicles to the Yaguarey and happily reach land.



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