Access to Nueva Esparta state restricted during radical quarantine

The Nueva Esparta Health General Staff reported this Monday, March 22, on the restriction of the entry of citizens via ferry from Anzoátegui and Sucre, after the announcement by President Nicolás Maduro about the beginning of the radical, conscious and voluntary quarantine for two weeks consecutive.

Through a statement, this instance in order to act in an articulated and efficient way the right to health of the people, highlights that "Only the entry of cargo vehicles with essential products, driver and assistant will be allowed."

Likewise, it is established that only those establishments associated with the production, distribution and commercialization of food and medicines may operate, between 7 am and 6 pm; as well as centers dedicated to medical care.

These premises of the prioritized sectors must comply with strict hygiene and disinfection measures for both customers and the premises, upon entering and closing the premises. They must guarantee a daily disinfection operation, at the close of each day.

The restaurants may only operate under the delivery or take-away mode. Bingo halls, casinos, liquor stores, spas, theme parks and nightclubs will not be allowed to operate during the strict radical quarantine.

Non-essential activities were also suspended, including banking and commercial activities, as well as public recreational and political events; public rallies, meetings and parties.

Citizen security bodies will intensify smart patrolling in all sectors and municipalities to ensure compliance with the measures.

Meanwhile, the health authorities recommended the population to comply with the social quarantine and leave only in case of strict emergency, complying with security measures, wearing a mask and respecting social distancing in all public spaces.



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