Rehabilitation works of the Plaza Bolívar de Isnotú advance 80%

This Friday, the governor of the state of Trujillo, Henry Rangel Silva, together with his team, carried out an inspection of the remodeling work of the Tourist Inn and the rehabilitation of the Plaza Bolívar de Isnotú, in the town where Blessed Trujillo José Gregorio Hernández was born.

During the tour, he stated that these projects are executed between the national and regional government; in the case of Plaza Bolívar, the works are under the responsibility of the Venezuela Bella Mission with the support of the state government.

"The Venezuela Bella Mission has made an important investment and has designed a large, ecological plaza, where the image of our Liberator Simón Bolívar will be and the population will have a space to place one more image of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández," he said.

He indicated that the square is a work of architecture necessary for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors, who come to express their faith to the blessed, and that it has an 80 percent advance in the first phase.

Regarding the rehabilitation of the Isnotú Tourist Inn, attached to the Trujillana Tourism Corporation (Corpoturismo), Rangel Silva pointed out that this work is being carried out thanks to the financial contribution of the Federal Government Council.

“Through the Federal Council of Government, President Nicolás Maduro, on the occasion of the beatification of the Doctor of the Poor, approved a special project for the rehabilitation of the tourist and colonial inn owned by the state government in Isnotú; It is a necessity for visitors to have a comfortable, adequate place that allows the family budget to stay here and pay the promises calmly, to enjoy other tourist attractions in the nearby municipalities ”, he explained.

He also reported that the second phase of the works is being finalized at the inn and then the third and final stage will begin.

It should be noted that the works include replacement of the ceiling by tongue and groove, remodeling of the sanitary rooms and the kitchen, construction of a room for people with disabilities, improvement of the rooms, rehabilitation of the electrical system, among others.

Regarding the recent discovery of human skeletal remains in the land where Bolívar Square is being built, the regional president indicated that he is under investigation by the competent bodies to determine who or who they belonged to, and assured that these organizations will subsequently offer the information about it.

Finally, Silva took the opportunity to invite the population to visit the birthplace of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, "that they come to Isnotú to feel the warmth of this town, the religious and spiritual energy that is felt here," he said.

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