Poeta Jesús Rosas Marcano preschool is rehabilitated in La Asunción

The Initial Education Center "Poeta Jesús Rosas Marcano", located in La Asunción, Nueva Esparta state was rehabilitated by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, through the Plan A Drop of Love for my School, for the benefit of 211 children and girls

The director of the Educational Zone in the insular entity, Noris Soto, reported that among the works carried out in the institution are the repair of electrical wiring and all internal and external areas were painted.

“We are giving this infrastructure totally rehabilitated by the plan a drop of love for my school. Our boys and girls are happy with their renewed school, as well as the teaching, administrative, managerial and environmental staff, thanks to the guidelines of the Minister of Education Yelitze Santaella, President Nicolás Maduro and with the support of Mayor Alí Romero.

The director of the campus, Irvis Salazar thanked the national government and the mayor for the work done so that the children enjoy quality care.



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