Rains hit the roads of Puerto la Cruz, Lechería and Barcelona

In the northern coastal axis of Anzoátegui state, rainfall was reported by the passage of Tropical Wave No. 6. Photos: Puerto La Cruz Mayor's Office.

The heavy rains that were registered at noon on Thursday, June 10, caused flooding in several sectors of the cities Puerto La Cruz, Barcelona and Lechería, all located in the northern area of ​​the Anzoátegui state.

In the towns of Puerto Piritu, Piritu and Clarines, on the coastal axis of the entity, the rainfall that originated the passage through the East of the sixth Tropical Wave of the year was also recorded.

The mayor of Puerto La Cruz, Herminia García Ron reported the activation of a contingency plan for the removal of sediments in critical points in the city.

She acknowledged that the flooding persisted for several hours on the main road in the Oropeza Castillo and El Paraíso sectors, in addition to the rural area.

She explained that with a rainfall level of 50 milliliters per second, the Municipal Avenue and cross streets were flooded.

Jhonny Sánchez, director of PC Sotillo, pointed out that Coservas and municipal engineering crews were deployed and that officials of that organization are still verifying the risk zones.

While in Barcelona and Lechería, users of social networks reported the collapse of some roads.

In the Colinas del Neverí, Guamachito and Tronconal sectors of the capital, the water reached 30 centimeters high.

In Lechería, several of the streets of the central helmet were covered with rainwater for several hours. The Venice sector, which connects the Bolívar and Sotillo municipalities with Urbaneja, collapsed again after the downpour.

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One dead in the rain

Mayor Herminia García Ron reported the death of an older adult on José Antonio Anzoátegui Avenue, adjacent to the Jesús de Nazaret Popular Clinic, during the rains.

She explained that the incident occurred when the man was driving near an exposed electrical sewer, and received a strong current discharge.

She said that officials from citizen security organizations and Corpoelec arrived at the site to attend to the contingency.

The victim was 62 years old and a resident of Monterrey Street in Valle Lindo, and was identified as José Marchan.

Apparently the bricklayer was going up the main street of Guanire, in front of the Freites high school, when it started to rain.

Witnesses say the man waited for a while to clear up to resume his march, at which point he made contact with a power transformer.



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