Radical quarantine in Falcón will be reinforced during Easter

Authorities call citizens to responsibility and collaboration

The Secretary of Citizen Security of the Falcón state, Gral. Miguel Morales Miranda, reported that due to instructions motivated by the effects of the Brazilian variant of covid-19, this Holy Week the radical quarantine that began on March 8, will be reinforced by This means that all the activities programmed for the celebration of the holy days that involve crowding of people are suspended.

In this sense, prior coordination between the Regional Government and the ZODI 12 Falcón, the following hours are agreed:

  • Priority stores until 2 pm.
  • Medicine sales until 6 pm and after this time, those on duty at the box office.
  • Ready-to-go food until 9 pm.
  • Night queues are not allowed at service stations.
  • Suspended all kinds of public events, including masses and processions. 

The use of face masks is mandatory, biosecurity measures must be respected. Citizen security agencies will be reinforcing the guidelines in the morning hours and will monitor compliance with these provisions.

Morales Miranda said that in order for the quarantine to be strictly enforced, the collaboration and responsibility of the public is required in this situation, where biosafety measures such as the use of masks, the distance of two meters between people, must be extreme. entering closed places and washing hands frequently.



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