Deprived of liberty in the South of the Lake receive educational attention

In the next few days educational material will be delivered again for other students.

The Directorate of Social Affairs and Health of the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of the Colón municipality in the South of the Lake, delivered 26 combos of educational material and didactic and sports games to the deprived of liberty of San Carlos de Zulia, who study through the modality Mission Robinson, motivated by the Movement for Peace and Life, led by the pastor, Nakary Fereira.

Mary Hurtado de Labrador, director of Social Affairs and Health, said that among the donated material is a blackboard, notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, markers, educational and sports games.

He announced that in the coming days educational material will be delivered again for other students who also attend primary school in the place, as well as baskets for babies for some prisoners and medicines to reinforce the first aid kit.

Hurtado expressed that: "they are also a people, they are human beings who made a mistake, but within this place they are overcoming and transforming their lives and here we are responding, because we have to take into account all sectors of the Colón municipality", Hurtado de Labrador pointed out.

For her part, the prisoner of liberty, Yesika Pacheco, expressed her gratitude to the Mayor's Office of the Colón municipality for having joined this social work for the benefit of those deprived of liberty. “Only God is the one who makes all this possible and is the one who uses people like you with a good heart, because we know that the fact of having made a mistake does not mean that we do not have the right to a better life and we are paying for our crime within this place ”.

The prisoners of liberty thanked both the social movement and Mary Hurtado de Labrador, the first combatant, for the support so that they can overcome themselves and offer their families a new life.

Another prisoner said that: "I have been in this place for 4 years, I did not know how to read or write and many told me why I was going to study. Today I already know how to write my name and I am learning to read; I thank God for transforming my life within these four walls, I thank the Movement for Peace and Life for supporting us to get out of here and give our family members a better future (…) ”.

During the tour, the director of Citizen Security, Reinaldo Sánchez; the director of the Police Training Center (Cefopol), Carlos Balza; and Pastor Nakary Fereira, who leads the Movement for Peace and Life within the prison.



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