Priests speak out before possible remains of JGH parents

The priests explained as the backhoe loader to their respective jobs tripped over a row of bricks. Photo: Isnotú Trujillo

Given the news of the discovery of possible human remains on the land where the remodeling and expansion works of the Plaza Bolívar de Isnotú are being carried out, in the Betijoque municipality of the Trujillo state, the priests of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario parish issued this Friday a statement, through which they relate what happened and highlight the rescue of the historical memory of the town where Blessed José Gregorio Hernández was born.

“The ecclesiastical parish and its priests have been proposing the importance of the historical memory of our town of Isnotú and particularly its local ecclesiastical history. To this end, various activities have been carried out to promote the rescue and preservation of any type of object that is related to the ancient temple and the birthplace of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández Cisneros ”, said priests José Magdaleno Álvarez and Mervin Fuentes, parish priest and parochial vicar respectively of the Niño Jesús de Isnotú sanctuary.

In the statement they assured that the diocesan ecclesiastical authorities have closely followed and advised any activity carried out by the parish in this regard.

They also indicated that they asked those responsible for the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, which are carrying out the remodeling work on Plaza Bolívar and Plaza José Gregorio Hernández, the necessary coordination regarding the fulfillment of said work, because in that place there was the old church Nuestra Señora del Rosario, as well as a paved street and a square.

“Even knowing these precedents for construction on said land, we have coordinated with the organization that executes the work, the notification of any type of materials that can help us preserve the local ecclesiastical historical memory. In this regard, we have found several pieces of wood and bricks that will soon be subjected to tests and studies to determine if they correspond to the old ecclesiastical building that was, at first, made of wood and bahareque and which received various remodeling and subsequent repairs ", reads the statement .

The priests explained in the document that yesterday, Thursday, while the backhoe machine to its respective works stumbled on a row of bricks, "immediately they were checked and we noticed under these what appears to be some remains of bones humans, but in a very poor state of conservation due to the mud and humidity of the place. Following the guidance of the diocesan ecclesiastical authorities and the advice of some experts, we proceeded to consult with the public and security institutions that could corroborate the type of material found there, ”they stated.

Faced with the discovery of the human skeletal remains, the priests indicated that they probably belonged to Benigno Hernández and Josefa Antonia Cisneros de Hernández, parents of the blessed; Because in that place was the old parish temple and according to some documents and oral testimonies of the town there were also several tombstones on the floor of the temple where the mortal remains of certain parishioners were located.

“In this sense, the parish informs that after the study by the experts of what is presumed to be human remains, a process of follow-up and search will be followed as the remodeling work of the square is carried out. At the same time, an investigation will be carried out with a group of experts to determine any possibility of identifying the presumed remains ”, they indicated.

To end the statement, the priests Álvarez and Fuentes urged the population, especially the devotees of the Doctor of the Poor, to join initiatives that go towards the rescue of the historical memory of the ecclesiastical parish Our Lady of the Rosary of Isnotú.

It is expected that the investigations of these human remains will continue, as well as the collection of ancient materials on the land where the remodeling work of the Plaza Bolívar de Isnotú is being carried out.



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