Oxygen recharge is monitored to stop speculation in Anzoátegui

Photo: referential

In order to strengthen public health actions and prevent crimes such as speculation, falsification, contamination or adulteration of pharmaceutical products, medical devices or sanitary products, the Ministry of Commerce and the Sundde carry out audits in the state of Anzoátegui.

Inspections are intensifying in premises dedicated to the sale of oxygen due to the high demand for the input, said the regional director of the ministry, Roberto Paigot.

So far, the prices have been verified in six establishments dedicated to the sale of oxygen, located in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Puerto La Cruz, Guanta and Lechería, where they have detected surcharges of up to 200% for rental, recharge and sale services. of cylinders.

Paigot pointed out that in these establishments they sold between 160 and 180 dollars each cylinder with the medical supply.

The spokesperson said that in this first phase, and given the health emergency due to the outbreak of coronavirus, for now they urge the representatives of these companies to adjust the prices of services. They are not applying administrative measures.

He explained that the control work will be extended to the 21 municipalities.

He added that they articulate with other state institutions to strengthen the distribution of medicinal oxygen in the public and private health network, as part of the plan to face the pandemic in the state. Paigot pointed out that for preventive verifications, they have the support of GNB personnel and different citizen security organizations.



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