Oxygen production rises to 5.631 cylinders at the Tereseña plant

Little by little they increase filling of oxygen cylinders. Photos: Mayor of Independence.

The company Oxígenos del Centro CA (Oxicentro), located in the Paraíso del Tuy Industrial Zone in the Independencia municipality (Santa Teresa), Miranda state, increased its capacity to 5.631 loads of medicinal oxygen cylinders to supply various sentinel health centers in the Capital District, in the Valles del Tuy, Guarenas-Guatire, Altos Mirandinos (Los Teques), Barlovento and Mariche-Petare axes.

Ismael Capinel, mayor of Independencia, reported that the increase in production this month is the result of the articulation between the private company, officials of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (Ivic), the Scientific-Technological Council of Miranda, the General Staff of Health, Government of Miranda and the Mayor's Office of Santa Teresa.

He recalled that the first production line of the oxygen plant was started up on April 11 and filled more than 1.978 cylinders. In May it began to supply an average of 3.084 oxygen cylinders and in this month of June it increased the load to 5.631 cylinders.

Capinel reiterated that the factory has two production lines with a capacity of 400 cylinders each. Likewise, the plant has a filling station for 64 cylinders and a storage capacity of 10 liters of liquid oxygen, which will gradually be expanded to 40. 

In the same context, Jesús Rivas, municipal manager of oxygen distribution, asserted that plant personnel and public administration officials stationed at the factory have followed the guidelines of the national, regional and municipal governments. "The intention is to continue ensuring that health centers have medical oxygen for the care of patients with covid-19 and respiratory diseases," he said. 



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