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70% deep well system optimized in Camaguán

With 70% progress, the optimization of the drinking water distribution system was registered, through deep wells in the Camaguán parish, belonging to the Esteros de Camaguán municipality, which is located in the south of the Guárico state, an action that was possible through the installation of new motor and pumping equipment.

The information was provided by the mayor of the referred Llanera jurisdiction, Emilio Ávila, who stressed that this action has been part of the priorities within the municipal government management, where the first 100 days have been intensively attended to public services.

Among the projects carried out, the installation of a 30 HP pump that supplies drinking water to 5.509 families of the communities Casco I, II and III, Las Marías I, and II, Barrio Abajo and El Campito stands out, followed by the installation of a 5.5 HP motor in the well that feeds the inhabitants of the Las Marías I, Las Marías II and Camino Real street communities.

Similarly, in the La Paraita sector, a well was reactivated with the incorporation of an 8.8 HP motor, benefiting the families of that place as well as the point and circle, in addition to the José Gregorio Hernández sector.

In this same context, Ávila stated that progressively they are also working on the beautification and cleaning of the municipality, addressing issues of asphalt, patching, placement of road reflectors, landscaping and muralism in spaces.
public, among other actions that are aimed at enhancing the tourist sense of the town.