Optimized Domestic Gas Filling Plant in Guárico

The William Lara Domestic Gas Filling Plant, located in the city of Calabozo, Francisco de Miranda municipality, Guárico state, was re-insured this Wednesday after carrying out the respective rehabilitation and optimization works of the capacities and filling system, which will allow supply more than 6 municipalities of the entity.

For this reason, Governor José Vásquez pointed out that in addition to painting, installation of filling lines, the recovery of part of the primary transport fleet was also carried out, and the direct tertiary transport to the communities, as well as the activation of a canteen service for the benefit of workers.

In turn, Vásquez announced the approval of the resource for the acquisition of 70 tires and 20 batteries, rehabilitation of more than 110 cylinders and placement of new valves in them, delivery of uniforms for the workers of the Guárico Gas Distributor, noting that They will continue with the investment to recover and optimize the state's filling plants through new alternatives. 

He said that currently in relation to the preventive issue against covid-19, he has been oriented to the weekly application of tests to drivers who travel throughout the territory and to provide the necessary biosecurity measures, both to those of the first fleet, as well as the secondary school that goes to the communities to deliver gas.

For his part, the president of DigasGua, G / D José Dionisio Goncalvez, said that this plant provides a vital service for the Guariqueño people and the country, managing to cover more than 10 municipalities, guaranteeing timely attention, with 8 operating chutos trucks, plus 3 recently recovered.

He added that they are also working on the implementation of a gas cylinder filling service in each of the communities with the highest consumption, with a Mobile Filling Unit that is in more than 90% of the construction process, estimating to start the project in mid-April with a capacity to distribute around 2.000 cylinders



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