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Ophthalmological surgical plan started at Razetti hospital in Barcelona

Carlos Martínez, 69 years old and resident of Puerto la Cruz, was the first patient operated on in the special ophthalmological surgical session that began this Monday, January 10 at the Luis Razetti hospital in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state.

Until Friday 14, as well as Carlos other 99 patients from the municipalities Bolívar, Sotillo, Peñalver, Guanta, Simón Rodríguez, Freites and Urbaneja, in addition to patients from Sucre state, will be operated on for cataracts (opacity of the lens of the eyes) in the journey that takes place in alliance with the Miracle Mission.

Governor Luis Marcano, in the company of the National Director of the medical mission, Yulibe Vicentelli, announced that the objective of the conference is to pay off the existing surgical debt that has accumulated more than 500 eye surgeries during the last four years.

"We want to reverse the damage of previous years full of indolence and return attention with dignity to our people," he said.

In this first day, Vicentelli highlighted to make possible the "one hundred miracles" they have the support of ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists and instrumentalists from Zulia state and the Capital District.

He specified that the average care will be 20 to 25 daily patients with this pathology and the action is part of a national effort.

Improvements in college

On the other hand, and within the framework of the "I sign up for my hospital" plan, Marcano reported that this Monday the dining room at the Luis Razetti hospital in Barcelona came into operation.

"We are making progress in actions that are aimed at improving infrastructure and working conditions for workers," he said.

He explained that after carrying out recovery work in the area, the start-up of that space will allow 500 plates of food to be offered daily, thanks to the articulation with Mercal and other institutions attached to the Ministry of the Popular for Food (Minpal).

He also announced improvements that are being carried out in the infrastructure of the emergency area for covid patients, through the Government's Highway and Infrastructure Corporation (Covinea).

He said that the set of actions to improve infrastructures and to optimize the service, is part of the plan promoted by the regional Executive.

He announced the formation of a special Fanb team to guarantee the safeguarding of the facilities and the care of supplies in the 10 hospitals in the state.

"It is an action that directs the 51 Anzoátegui Integral Defense Operational Zone," explained the first regional president.