Open Schools program begins in Nueva Esparta

In Nueva Esparta state, the "Schools Open in August Bicentennial" plan began, with the participation of 70 educational institutions, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, they reported through a press release from the Educational Zone (Zene).

The head of the Educational Zone, Noris Soto, explained that the work plan guarantees the linkage of the community with schools and high schools, and reinforces the actions undertaken so that children and adolescents can enjoy various activities during school holidays.

He explained that these schools offer recreational, cultural, sports and production activities, thanks to the joint work of teachers, members of the Bolivarian Movement of Families, representatives of the Militia, Cooks of the Homeland and social organizations.

Language courses

He pointed out that on this occasion, the work carried out during the vacation period is being complemented by a series of courses from the Language School of the Venezuelan Federation of High School Students (Feveem), which will be certified by the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela. , from its coordination of Languages.

"For these courses, two study environments have been enabled in all municipalities, to work an average of 20 students in each space," said the head of the Educational Zone.

The courses in which progress is being made at this time include English, with face-to-face activities in the weeks of flexibilization, and Mandarin, taught totally virtual. Both will end in mid-September.

Both the "Open Schools" plan and the language courses respect all the biosecurity measures recommended by the national government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.



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