October 11: Last Day of Freedom of Native Peoples

At the headquarters of the Regional Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Amazonas, Orpia, as the headquarters of the native peoples, members of grassroots organizations and allies held a celebration of the Last Day of Freedom of Indigenous Peoples, under strict biosafety regulations. for the prevention of covid-19.

The celebration of this important date consisted of a discussion led by the wise men and women of the grassroots organizations, who made important reflections on the importance of celebrating every October 11, as the date of the Last Day of Freedom of the Native Peoples, already that the next day, what happened was a genocide against the indigenous populations, and although the government institutions commemorate October 12 as the Day of Indigenous Resistance, for the indigenous grassroots people, it is a day of mourning.

Eligio Dacosta, Orpia coordinator, indicated that year after year, the organization highlights the celebration of October 11 and on this date they meet with grassroots organizations to celebrate, reflect on and motivate the generations of relief to continue in the indigenous struggle and thus prevail in time.

In this meeting they also held bow and arrow and blowpipe competitions, participating from 5-year-old children to older adults, and also for the closing of the discussion, they shared a fish ajicero (spicy fish soup) accompanied by the traditional yucuta (juice of water with hand).



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