Misión Nevado celebrates its 7th anniversary with a conference in La Guaira

Identification of herds, health day and house-to-house care were carried out by protectionists and volunteers from the Nevado de La Guaira Mission. These activities were aimed at animals living on the streets and at risk that make life in Paseo de Macuto, as part of the 7th anniversary of the mission in the country.

“We are carrying out deworming, nail cutting and identification of herds of animals in the street situation of Paseo de Macuto. The idea is to carry out these community sweeps every three months with the support of the protectionist collectives, community and leaders of the area, with a view to starting a process of adopting these pets ”, indicated Yliana Guedez, member of Misión Nevado.

During the day, dogs and cats were treated - some with leg amputations or in a vulnerable situation - which are identified and included in a protectionist care plan of the Paseo de Macuto. 

Carmen Rondón, protectionist from La Guaira, made a call to public and private institutions to start a national sterilization campaign, “For seven years I have been feeding and assisting the animals. The idea is to encourage sterilization and animal reproduction control campaigns, which I now carry out with the support of the communities and veterinarians of La Guaira ”.

Campaigns for the adoption of vulnerable animals are also important, highlighting experiences such as that of Elisabeth Duarte, who adopted a canine named Kira eight months ago: “after being run over in a traffic accident, I picked her up and cured her. She adapted to the house and now is my partner. We must give these vulnerable animals a chance to live or that are left aside ”.