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More than 300 Motatán families received their urban land titles

This Thursday the Bolivarian government and the Great Venezuela Housing Mission delivered urban land titles to 376 families in the Motatán municipality, in Trujillo state, through the National Institute of Urban Lands (Intu).

The mayor of the municipality Janet Araujo stressed that social justice is being done with the delivery of these urban land titles in the Cacao I, Cacao II, Legado de Chávez and Giraluna sectors.

"This Thursday of housing we are doing social justice with the delivery of 376 urban land titles, thanks to President Nicolás Maduro, Minister Villarroel, the Intu that is working in an articulated way for its anniversary," he said.

Araujo added that despite the "so complex" situation in the country "we are sending land titles to these families who had been waiting for years and today thanks to the revolution we are working in favor of the people.

For her part, Mrs. María Eugenia Santiago, favored with the property title, stated that “from the Motatán municipality we are strengthened with this great support of the revolution; today we have been dignified in more than 15 hectares of land ”.

It was learned that of the 376 titles, 209 were for the Giraluna sector, 90 for the Cacao I sector, 62 Cacao II and 15 for the families of the Legado de Chávez sector. It is noteworthy that in the state of Trujillo, 17 urban land titles have been delivered, of which in this year 086 a total of 2021 have been granted.