More than 3 thousand Trujillians participate in the Bicentennial Congress

In 18 of the 20 municipalities of the Trujillo state, the municipal promoter teams of the mission system and large missions have been deployed towards the national plenary of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples, to be held this Saturday and Sunday in the city of Caracas.

This was reported by the spokesperson for this movement, Angélica Morón, who explained that 88 tables have been installed, in which more than 450 Trujillo residents have participated.

“We have detected in this deployment that there are missions that are not present in some municipalities, which allows us to redirect, reorganize politics, but it has also been detected that the system of missions and large missions is one of the strongest fronts that the government has. Bolivarian to consolidate the revolution ”, he affirmed.

Regarding the proposals received at the work tables, Morón mentioned the “need to establish a mechanism for planning, evaluating and monitoring the system of missions and large missions, cohesive, politicized (…) know the Organic Law of missions and large missions through of the dissemination of Decree 1.394, because it is unknown in the territory, are some of the medium and long-term goals ”.

Educational movement and people with disabilities

For her part, the head of the Educational Zone, Lirosbeya Torres, reported that the education sector in the region has established 27 work groups, in which more than 530 people have participated in this Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples.

“We continue to build our banners to fight for the quality of education, for an inclusive education for a context of improvement to strengthen the role of the teacher, based on seeing that teacher as the warrior who is guaranteeing the right to education and generate alternatives for their care, their family and their entire community context, "he said.

Torres stressed that with these meetings the culture of debate is strengthened to solve problems, to achieve the objectives set for the education sector.

Meanwhile, Jhoncarlos Vetencourt, representative of the sector of people with disabilities, pointed out that in the framework of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples, 12 municipalities of the Trujillo state have participated with the representation of more than 100 people.

Among the ideas proposed, Vetencourt mentioned the strengthening of the care plan for people with disabilities in health, social, economic and productive areas.

The work tables will continue this Thursday with the movements of the missions, disability and religious.



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