In Mérida, more than 2700 screening tests were carried out in Campo Elías

Photo: courtesy Corpomérida

In the Campo Elías municipality of Mérida state, more than 700 tests were carried out in a massive day, during three days, of massive screening for covid-19.

Through a press release from Corpomérida, they detailed that four central points were installed located in the Bolívar and Montalbán de Ejido, Centenario squares (the mayor's office warehouses), and in the Calos Sánchez sector; Likewise, others were placed at the Trolleybus terminal, Pan de Azúcar, Las González, El Salado and El Manzano.

Moraima Salazar, deputy director of Barrio Adentro Mérida, pointed out that the different tools available to the state were applied to find out if a person is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes covid-19.

"In Campo Elías we carried out chemiluminescence tests, which is antibodies, antigenic tests, PCR and lateral flow tests, PDRs," said Moraima Salazar, also thanking the mayor of this municipality, Simón Figueroa, for supporting the deployment. of the health teams, their approaches, because they also attended to specific cases of people in homes to carry out the investigation, their assessment.

He specified that at all times, during this three-day journey in the Campo Elías municipality, the biosafety protocols for these cases were followed, which included the classification of the people who came to be tested, between respiratory symptoms or possible suspects and the asymptomatic, which were by contact or direct investigation. "This is how we work to guarantee the protection of biosafety for the same patient."



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