More than 12 thousand Aragüean families benefited from a PDVSA Gas session

The mobile plant benefited communities in four municipalities

More than 12 thousand families from the municipalities Libertador (Palo Negro), Ribas (La Victoria), Santos Michelena (Tejerías) and Santiago Mariño (Turmero), were served with a mega day of distribution and filling of cylinders developed by PDVSA Gas in the Aragüeña entity, which is framed in a communal gas saturation plan executed by the state company throughout the National territory.

The conference was led by the president of PDVSA Gas Comunal, Caryl Bertho, who toured the 4 municipalities served with the distribution and filling of domestic gas bottles in all capacities of 10, 18, 27 and 43 kilograms; who highlighted that it is a plan of attention to public services in the most vulnerable communities, which has the support of the government of Aragua.

Bertho reported that a mobile gas filling plant was set up for the day, which has a platform with 4 spaces to fill the cylinders, with direct connection to a LPG tanker transport, a plant designed to provide an immediate response in the supply of gas. domestic gas.

In the case of the Tejerías population, more than 2.500 families from the populous community of Jabillar were able to recharge their cylinders; While in the Mariño municipality, more than 2.500 families from different urban areas located in the point and circle of the Ciudad Bendita mission base were favored. 

Likewise, more than 2 families from sectors 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Los Hornos de Palo Negro were able to access the service, the provision of which has been severely affected in recent months.

Caryl Bertho highlighted the relevance of this conference, which focuses its efforts on caring for the most vulnerable families: "All authorities have the responsibility of guaranteeing public services, and in our case, the distribution of the precious liquefied petroleum gas," he said. .



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